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Summer Camp


Since our first summer camp back in 2007, we have been constantly improving in order to deliver the most advanced training experience for our students. If you want to hone your skills to improve competitive performance while having an amazing time, EMAR summer camp provides the platform to maximise your potential. We offer customizable training sessions unique to your background, skill level and athletic goals. We have World class Coaches that set the standard in an unmatched environment.

Our instructors aren’t just experts of the game. We have been in your shoes and have guided pro athletes and inexperienced students throughout each step of the process creating a positive and friendly camp environment. Our award-winning summer camp will surely diminish stress levels, boost strength and rejuvenate your body whilst providing some much-needed Vitamin D abroad following the long British winter months.

Experience unmatched training camp environment

It’s easy to visualise yourself being part of the EMAR team’s encouraging and motivating atmosphere. Succeed alongside other dedicated students of all ages and backgrounds striving towards similar goals. The camp is held at an award winning 5-star luxury spa hotel “Pirin” which is situated in the park zone of the town and has swimming pools filled with mineral water. An award-winning master chef prepares our daily meals to make sure we get the necessary nutrients to help with recovery between sessions. You’ll experience paradise in an active yet luxurious environment within the hotel.

We’ll help you get in the best shape of your life in a friendly and sociable environment. The team will push you to do your very best. Sessions are challenging but fun with a broad range of classes and activities to keep you on your toe, constantly testing yourself without being stuck in a boring routine.


We are focused on consistently getting the best results for our amazing students by making sure our summer camps are challenging but also filled with fun and great emotions. With our reliable Global support network of World class Athletes and Instructors, we create an enjoyable experience for our students. Our team of Coaches and organisers are hardworking, focused, dedicated and determined to make EMAR Summer camp the best training experience in the World. We like to make everybody welcome and involved. Our social events are great for team building.

The EMAR team is truly one big family, and we support our students along their martial arts journey regardless of their age, experience and background. We’ll help you build your confidence, strength, Martial arts skills, technique, health, team work and wellbeing. Summer camp is a great opportunity for you to escape from your busy and stressful life and focus on your personal development. The camp is guaranteed to give you that kick start in life that everyone needs. We’ll help you unleash your true potential and become unstoppable; this is the true power of our summer camp.

You’ll be surrounded with incredibly skilled and supportive instructors and a team of like-minded people that are on the same mission – to push themselves beyond physical and mental limits and have an amazing time while doing that. Our exclusive summer camp is just the kick start that you need to unlock your unlimited potential. Our talented Instructors will help you improve your confidence, mental health and wellbeing which plays an essential role in performance excellence in and out of the battlefield.


Everyone is welcome regardless of age, abilities and experience in Martial arts! You can bring a partner, relative or a friend and they can either join our sessions and try something new or just have an amazing spa retreat while you train. Classes will be adjusted for all levels and abilities and everyone will experience the full benefits of the camp. It is a life changing journey that everyone must experience. Our camp is so good that 85% of our students return every year!

We promise to provide

  • Outstanding training and support no matter your ability
  • Experience and skills from the instructors that are unparalleled with anything else
  • A natural, successful and sustainable approach to martial arts.
  • The most enjoyable and fun experience you could ever have
  • We cater for all dietary, religious and physical requirements
  • To educate and empower you to take full control of your life
  • To help you ou reach heights of confidence and self-belief that you never thought possible
  • We will provide the tools and confidence necessary enhance your new lifestyle
  • We will help you overcome self-doubt and your fears
  • We will help you improve your discipline and get in a great shape


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the camp held?2023-04-06T17:18:55+00:00

The camp itself is held in Sandanskiin southwestern Bulgaria. The town is about an 1.5 hour drive from the capital city Sofia, and considered one of the most beautiful towns in Bulgaria. With over 82 natural mineral water healing springs, beautiful parks, organic food, and crisp clean air, the town was voted “Best Natural Asthma Clinic in Europe” *

Sandanski town is often the host to many national and international training camps and sport events. Situated 20km from the Greek border, it enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The unique microclimate is even suitable for lung disease treatment. Because of the healing properties of its climate, Sandanski is a popular balneological and spa centre.

Who is teaching classes and what are the classes?2023-04-06T17:18:36+00:00

We always have a very special world class renowned guest instructor. At last year’s summer camp, one of our guest instructors was Absolute World Kyokushin Karate Champion Sensei Zahari Damyanov, who delivered outstanding lessons that everyone found easy to understand and apply. We also have Sensei Simeon teaching regular classes together with his Sensei, Dimitar, and Sensei Kiril who is the head MMA and wrestling coach of team “Be Real”.


We have very diverse classes during the camp. Of course, we mainly focus on Kyokushin karate and all aspects of it. We also cover MMA, wrestling,sSelf defence, kickboxing, callisthenics, athletics, grappling, HIIT, boxing, meditation, yoga and much more.

What other activities are there besides the training sessions?2023-04-06T17:18:17+00:00

We have a full programme of fun, relaxing and exciting activities between sessions. You can use the 5-star spa services in the hotel, book one of the amazing spa procedures, or simply dip in the mineral water swimming pool to help you recover from training. There are saunas, steam rooms, salt rooms, relaxation rooms, foot spa, pressure showers, tropical showers and much more.

We organise night visits to an extinct local volcano where we cover ourselves with healing mud from its crater. We also have organised tours around the town that cover its historical and cultural spots. A shopping tour in the town can also be organised. We’ve also visited an old monastery to learn about Bulgarian history. For wine lovers, we have organised wine tastings at one of the best and most popular wineries, one of which is where British Prime MinisterWinston Churchill used to get his wine.

The best and most rewarding activity is of course the mountain hiking, which is something we cannot recommend highly enough.

Do I need insurance for the camp?2023-04-06T17:17:44+00:00

We highly recommend that you get some insurance for camp. This is a training camp,so there is a possibility of getting injured (although this has yet to occur).

Are all meals included?2023-04-06T17:17:28+00:00

Camp is half board. You’ll receive a buffet breakfast and dinner, although students usually leave the hotel to explore the town, and experience traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

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