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Kids Group Classes

Karate is a tool we use to help children become leaders. Let yours shine! Martial arts empowers kids of all ages and abilities.

Those who learn martial arts have a higher success rate in school. Why? Because it requires discipline, focus, goal-setting, and drive. Martial arts instil these incredible traits in children, which is what makes our martial arts classes so powerful and effective.

Karate teaches students how to protect themselves and instil discipline and respect

All parents want their children to become leaders. At EMAR Dojo, we believe that all children are special and capable of greatness. We seek to provide our students with the skills they need to be exceptional.

As a parent, it can be difficult to discipline your child and teach them the value of hard work and respect for authority – especially if your child is struggling in school. This is one reason why so many parents enrol their children with us: We won’t just transform their work ethic, instil discipline as well as respect; we also work to boost their self-confidence whilst helping them become physically active and mentally fit.

Self-improvement with every class. Bring out the best in your child by giving them the gift of confidence and self-respect.

More importantly Your child will learn key life skills in a positive and safe environment, where they are certain to enjoy themselves.Our martial arts classes are quite simply one of the best activities that you can give your child. Classes have been expertly designed to target the specific needs that children may have.

We recognise that good martial arts training can massively enhance many areas of children’s life experience. We are therefore committed to providing the best experience of martial arts classes that your child could wish for. Classes are packed with exercises to ensure that your child gets the best of martial arts as well as building on healthy traits such as self-control, confidence and perseverance.

Through hard work, respect and discipline martial arts empowers your kids with fantastic values. Imagine improved self-esteem, flourishing within a few weeks.

Research shows that a child’s early influences and role models have major impacts on their habits, identity and values throughout life, especially from the ages of four to nine. Every karate class enjoys a positive, supportive and engaging environment, with instructors trained to be positive role-models who can help your child build life-long successful habits.

The Kids’ Programme is designed to help your child develop self-confidence, leadership skills, and prevent bullying. Each session covers valuable life success skills such as goal-setting, perseverance, focus, respect, teamwork, character-building, and more.

Your children will thrive at EMAR Dojo. Our Expert Instructors will guide your child to excellence

Students are taught traditional Kyokushin karate in a fun and safe environment. Beginners are taught basic karate techniques, philosophies and etiquette, as well as an  introduction to Japanese terminology, as the origin of Kyokushin karate is Japanese.

Increased strength, flexibility and coordination are physical improvements you’ll soon notice in your children. Non-physical benefits include increased attention span, confidence, healthy self-esteem, discipline and respect for themselves and others. We will also teach them the difference between self-defence and fighting.

It’s not just karate training — it’s a life-saving skill. We specialise in children’s karate, helping students to build self-discipline, leadership skills, confidence, focus and sportsmanship. 

The competitive spirit is fostered through tournaments; this is a great way for children to learn about all aspects of competing, including the concepts of fair play, pride, leadership and dedication.

Karate also teaches great moral values. Children will learn how to work in a team, and also be encouraged to engage in healthy social Interactions.Through constant repetition, they will also improve their memorisation and retention skills. Additionally, the classes’ fitness routines will help battle obesity among young people.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a little girl. Aren’t martial arts more for boys?2023-04-06T16:47:46+00:00

NO! Some of our best champions and our most dedicated students are girls. On average half of our students are girls, and they all enjoy the beauty of karate. Teaching young girls self-defence is one of the most important traits that will give them a strong head start in life by developing leadership skills and their confidence.

My child is too boisterous and sometimes too strong for his own good. What can I do to settle him down?2023-04-06T16:47:25+00:00

At EMAR Dojo, we teach our students self-control and self-discipline. We love students that are too strong or hyper active, as we are experts in channelling this ‘excessive level of energy’ in the right direction. Nothing calms a student more than a karate session.

My child is being bullied. Can you help with that – without teaching my child to be violent back?2023-04-06T16:47:04+00:00

As a martial artist you discover an inner strength and the confidence that gives a different aura to the martial arts individual. Bullies prey on those weaker than themselves, either in stature or confidence. By creating self-assurance in your child, and adding to that the knowledge, they are better able to protect themselves if they ever are in a dangerous position.

My child is very shy. Can Karate help?2023-04-06T16:46:43+00:00

A main concept behind martial arts is the building of confidence. We’ll encourage your child to do the warming-up session, which will ultimately improve their self-esteem and confidence. Classes are also very interactive, which significantly improves confidence and leadership skills.

Does my child have to spar?2023-04-06T16:46:25+00:00

No child is allowed to do sparring until they have learnt sufficient skills in order to be able to defend himself/herself. Our prime concern is safety and keeping the child confident, so we assess each child (not the class) in order to gauge their ability level. Once they have been training for a while, and have grasped the basic understanding of karate, then we’ll start them off with non-contact drills. We also make sure students have adequate protective gear before participating in any contact training.


Vanya BozhkovaVanya Bozhkova
22:14 21 Jan 23
Love this dojo! Highly recommend! The students and instructors are fantastic"All instruc­tors are incred­i­ble, they are very good with chil­dren and truly care about them. It has a fam­ily feel that is very wel­com­ing to both new and exist­ing stu­dents. They work to develop the stu­dents phys­i­cally, men­tally and spir­i­tu­ally. I highly rec­om­mend this school for any­one look­ing for a karate school"
Josh DmelloJosh Dmello
23:28 29 Aug 22
This is one of the best places to learn kiyokushin karate.Had my trial lesson yesterday. Really impressed by the way they warm-up and train.Sensei Simeon is a great martial artist who really cares about his student's sucess in the sport.
Ross Elliott JacksonRoss Elliott Jackson
18:11 16 Oct 21
We send our 6yr old boy to Elite Martial Arts. Simply put it is phenomenal. Simeon (Sensei) is absolutely fantastic with the children of all ages and adults alike. He leads by absolute example yet despite his tough and disaplined character, is also extremely welcoming and has the audience respecting the classes, but equally thoroughly enjoying them. My son is hooked, he is learning great life skills, discipline, and inclusion. And with a bit of luck will get his red and white belt in the next few weeks after a couple terms of attending classes on either a Saturday or Sunday, sometimes both. If you are considering a martial arts class. This is the BEST for miles!
Elliot SimsElliot Sims
14:00 24 Aug 18
EMAR is the best Dojo/Martial arts Gym in London and this is due to Sensei Simeon not being your average Coach. As someone who has studies a variety of martial arts disciplines over the years, Simeon is hands down the best I have had. He has the experience of competing on an international level and has been very successful championing in Kyokushin Karate (Full contact Karate), Kickboxing and Boxing. Regardless of all of his accomplishments he still has a very humble, understanding and approachable demeanour. Training with EMAR has strengthened not just my body but also my mind making me a more resilient and disciplined individual. As a secondary school teacher I would highly recommend training at this gym for children and teenagers. With a free trail class you cant go wrong.
Sari GhamloushSari Ghamloush
21:46 21 Aug 18
Almost 13 years with my coach Simeon. I came as a guest, and stayed as family. He has helped me become multiple time UK and International champion. If you are serious about training, whether you're from MMA, K1, Muay Thai or Boxing background, you can be sure that you'll be training with one of the TOP Kyokushin Dojos in the UK. Visit emarteam website to find out more, or find our facebook/instagram page at Elite Martial Arts Richmond.


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