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Personal Training for Kids


We can improve your child’s fitness, energy levels, confidence, self-defence skills, flexibility, coordination, self-esteem, focus, discipline and respect for others. Our private classes and mentoring programmes are a popular way to help children improve existing skills or develop entirely new ones. Personal time spent with our fully qualified and experienced instructors will enhance a child’s future in so many ways. Our fun and engaging coaches guarantee to bring an enthusiastic and friendly attitude to our personal training sessions.

“The best decision I have made for my child.”

We firmly believe that the personal discipline and willpower learnt through Martial arts training can be applied to every aspect of your child’s life. We design our sessions with your child in mind, aiming to reach their full potential and build healthy habits for life. With our tailor-made personal training, your child will experience the transformative benefits of martial arts. Our award-winning martial arts academy has already helped hundreds of young students. We have over twenty years of experience teaching kids’ groups and private classes, and our proven methods will make your child a champion in karate and life.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

An increasing number of children are overweight or obese. Without intervention, eighty percent of them will remain overweight as adults.* This can put them at risk of various medical problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep disorders. Our kids’ private classes will guarantee a fun and a sweaty session, and most importantly your child will learn real self defence skills that will keep them safe for life.

Get in touch if you want to discuss how we can work with your child and help them through personal training and mentoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a little girl. Aren’t martial arts more for boys?2023-04-06T16:47:46+00:00

NO! Some of our best champions and our most dedicated students are girls. On average half of our students are girls, and they all enjoy the beauty of karate. Teaching young girls self-defence is one of the most important traits that will give them a strong head start in life by developing leadership skills and their confidence.

My child is too boisterous and sometimes too strong for his own good. What can I do to settle him down?2023-04-06T16:47:25+00:00

At EMAR Dojo, we teach our students self-control and self-discipline. We love students that are too strong or hyper active, as we are experts in channelling this ‘excessive level of energy’ in the right direction. Nothing calms a student more than a karate session.

My child is being bullied. Can you help with that – without teaching my child to be violent back?2023-04-06T16:47:04+00:00

As a martial artist you discover an inner strength and the confidence that gives a different aura to the martial arts individual. Bullies prey on those weaker than themselves, either in stature or confidence. By creating self-assurance in your child, and adding to that the knowledge, they are better able to protect themselves if they ever are in a dangerous position.

My child is very shy. Can Karate help?2023-04-06T16:46:43+00:00

A main concept behind martial arts is the building of confidence. We’ll encourage your child to do the warming-up session, which will ultimately improve their self-esteem and confidence. Classes are also very interactive, which significantly improves confidence and leadership skills.

Does my child have to spar?2023-04-06T16:46:25+00:00

No child is allowed to do sparring until they have learnt sufficient skills in order to be able to defend himself/herself. Our prime concern is safety and keeping the child confident, so we assess each child (not the class) in order to gauge their ability level. Once they have been training for a while, and have grasped the basic understanding of karate, then we’ll start them off with non-contact drills. We also make sure students have adequate protective gear before participating in any contact training.

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