Junior Coach Development Programme

Junior Coach Development

You can give your children everything money can buy, but the capability to succeed on their own is the most important gift of all.

For more than three hundred years, martial arts training has been recognised as one of the best ways to build self-confidence, discipline, leadership skills and courage. Throughout history, civilisations have realised the need for strong, healthy bodies and strong, confident minds. Martial arts have often played a crucial role in developing these character traits. Often, royalty and nobility used martial arts training to instil leadership qualities in young heirs.

Today, we use the same skills to make our students into the leaders of tomorrow. With our Junior Instructor Development Programme, we’ll help students develop a feeling of personal strength and self-esteem. Our proven methods, and exceptional team of professional instructors and mentors will unlock limitless possibilities for your child.

Success breeds more success

This Programme is dedicated to helping children develop a confident, winning attitude in all areas of their life including academic achievements. Young students at our Martial arts Academy are taught to take pride in their efforts both within and outside of the dojo.

People tend to have more fun doing things they do well. Success is a pleasant feeling that breeds more success. The programme includes regular mentoring sessions. As part of our Junior Instructor Programme, students are taught to be role models, lead by example and be successful in karate as well as life. We also encourage and motivate students to excel in their school work, and our young leaders become beacons of strength, excellence, skills, willpower with their positive mindsets. Special recognition is given to superior performance, and youngsters soon learn that advancement and reward are results of hard work and determination.

We create the leaders of tomorrow

We have always aspired to help create successful, strong and well-rounded humans. For many of our students, this starts when they are children, before they have found their feet in the wider world. We believe that instilling the right traits into our young students will make a world of difference to their lives. The way we train and mentor our students builds a work-life ethic that compliments academic, social and family life. We have seen drastic improvements in school results, behaviour and attitude from all of our students.

Responsible, focused, consistent and hard-working students

The minimum age for a student to join the programme is 8. We teach students how to be consistent, reliable, hard-working and positive examples for other students. They are required to arrive a few minutes before class, to help others prepare for the lesson. Students are actively engaged with helping to run the class alongside the Sensei, with regular mini tasks like holding pads for younger and newer students, as well as demonstrating techniques and exercises in front of the group.

The programme will develop raw leadership skills in students. We’ll teach them the structure of classes and how to communicate confidently with students, instructors and parents. Students will learn how important it is to be responsible, punctual and reliable. Upon successful completion of our Junior Instructor Development Programme the student will receive a ‘Special Certificate’ and a ‘junior assistant coach’ badge at a ceremony after a class. The badge can be put on their karate uniform for the student to wear it with price and confidence. Students can further progress their training with our adults’ Coach Development Programme.

Who knows? They may even have their own martial arts academy one day.

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