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Elite Performance Training

Are you a professional athlete or perhaps want to advance your training and become one? Our powerful elite performance training programme individualises solutions to tackle a range of complex performance challenges and get you in the best shape of your life.

Some of our students are athletes competing professionally or semi-professionally at the highest level of Boxing, kickboxing, Karate and MMA (3 of our students compete at UFC) reaching the top of their game. We have athletes that are representing the national team of their countries in their chosen disciplines.

We make Champions

Our approach with every athlete is to work collaboratively and define specific performance needs and objectives, then devise carefully tailored, science-based training plans that deliver the desired results. Our Elite Performance Training Programme has been designed to help current and prospective athletes reach their goals faster.Our team of expert instructors, performance specialists and nutritionists, many of whom played or coached at a professional level, have developed a fully bespoke training and dietary programme to meet every athlete’s individual goals.

Get in the best shape of your life and let us prepare you for the next big event

As part of the programme, we conduct regular assessments to evaluate your progress, and adjustments are made where necessary. It’s not only combat sport athletes who join the programme. We have many athletes from various sports,  who have joined us, and the results have been phenomenal. Besides all styles and forms of  martial arts, we also work with athletes from football, basketball, tennis, athletics, rugby, swimming, gymnastics, golf, lacrosse, horse riding and many more. We can certainly help you get in the best shape of your life, and prepare you for your next big event.

Some of the areas we’ll focus on are:

  • confidence
  • physical endurance
  • leadership
  • mental performance
  • vision training
  • character development
  • handling pressure & building resilience
  • managing emotions, conquering fear of failure & addressing perfectionism
  • managing intensity and how to address negative thoughts
  • willpower, & motivation
  • developing a winning mindset
  • peak performance
  • optimism
  • nutritionist–devised meals
  • concentration

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an injury/condition but I want to train. What should I do?2023-04-06T16:57:18+00:00

We strongly recommend that you always consult with a doctor before you resume classes.

Then, make your Sensei aware of any injury/condition you may have. Work with your body, and don’t overdo anything. In some exercises, alternatives can be given to avoid stressing existing injuries. Often, we have injured students coming to watch dojo classes in order to keep their karate spirit alive during recovery.

I’m a woman and want to learn karate & self-defence. Is this for me?2023-04-06T16:57:03+00:00

EMAR Dojo is a great place for women to learn self-defence. We have roughly equal numbers of male and female students, so you won’t feel out of place. On top of that, you may find that you’ve become fitter and more toned after a few weeks training, as karate involves cardio workouts, strength training, and stretching. Karate has all the benefits of working out at the gym, with the added advantage of practical learning. Our women love our Karate classes, and all feel empowered after learning real combat skills.

I train with another club/association/style. Can I train with you, too?2023-04-06T16:56:28+00:00

Absolutely. Our dojo is always open to everyone regardless of your experience, style or association. Remember, new students can join us at any time of the year. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced – coming from another club or style – we welcome you and will do our very best to accommodate you. As long as you’re respectful towards everyone, and do your best at every session, we are happy to have you at our dojo.

We believe in the unification of Karate, and that the spirit of training is paramount. We regularly have the pleasure of receiving guest instructors and athletes from other associations and styles, who actively participate in our classes, and we are grateful for their contribution.

Will I be sparring or undergoing other contact fighting?2023-04-06T16:56:08+00:00

At first, you won’t be performing free sparring. Karate has a sequence to its learning syllabus that has been developed to ensure students are both challenged and kept safe. To this end, we first teach techniques that are arranged into short sequences. This allows you to practise defences and attacks with a partner without the risks involved in free fighting. These sequences grow in complexity as you develop; later there will be chances to practise free sparring.

How fit do I need to be to start training?2023-04-06T16:55:48+00:00

As fit as you are now! One idea of karate training is that whatever level you’re at, you’ll be pushed to go a little bit further than before, which is how your fitness improves. If you aren’t taking any regular physical exercise right now it’s a fantastic idea to start karate lessons as soon as possible. . You’ll find it exhilarating at first and that’s quite normal – most people have a few cobwebs in their system they need to shake off.

You know your level of endurance, and whether you’re exceeding it. The only person who loses out if you don’t try is you. We recommend being willing to give it a try. If you find the exertion too intense at first it’s quite alright to either slow down, or take a few minutes break.

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