Dojo Rules for Parents

Our students know that a dojo is a place with strict rules and decorum. These rules apply to EVERYONE while they are in the dojo. We ask that all parents and guardians observe these rules as a matter of courtesy and respect.In particular, since karate involves contact, it is especially important that our instructors remain alert and students are able to focus and concentrate fully. Distractions of any kind can potentially create dangerous situations. At EMAR Dojo, the safety of our students is paramount, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Consequently, we kindly ask parents and guardians to observe the following rules while in the dojo:

  • Shoes or boots are not permitted in the dojo. Feel free to bring and change into your own indoor slippers if you like.Remember that the instructors and students are in their bare feet. Any foreign objects on the floor can pose a danger to them.
  • All cell phones and communication devices must be turned off before entering the dojo. If you must make a call, please do so outside of the dojo.
  • No talking is allowed while class is in progress.
  • Do not call out to your child or attempt to engage him/her visually while class is in progress. Please leave the teaching to our very qualified instructors.
  • Under no circumstances may a parent step onto the dojo floor at any time unless given express permission to do so by the instructor.
  • Do not sit on the shields. The equipment is solely for use by our instructors and students.
  • The dojo is a place of learning, not a daycare facility. If you bring other, non-student children to the dojo, you’re responsible for keeping them quiet, and for preventing them from distracting the class in any way. While in the dojo, please address the instructors by the title – “Sensei” not by their first names. It is important not to confuse the younger students by contradicting normal dojo protocol.
  • Unless it is an emergency,do not interrupt a class by attempting to speak to the instructor while class is in progress .
  • No eating or drinking is allowed while class is in progress.
  • Make sure your child is prepared for class. Do your best to arrive on time and make sure the student has a clean uniform, full set of protective gear, and a bottle of water.
  • Only 1 parent or guardian is allowed to bring students to class (in order to reduce crowding).
  • Please change your child’s clothing in the designated changing room areas, not in the dojo.
  • Please take off your child’s shoes before entering the Dojo. If, for any reason, the student can only train with trainers, then please ask permission from the Sensei for your child to train with clean trainers or socks with grip.
  • Parents are generally not allowed to stay in the dojo during the class (to avoid distraction). However, you may enter up to five min before the class ends. If you want to see your child training from time to time, or need to check their progress, then please ask the Sensei for permission to stay and watch the class. Please note that this can only be done on special occasions.
  • Taking pictures / videos is prohibited during the classes. On some occasions you may be allowed to take a picture / video of your child but you can only do so with the permission from the Sensei in charge. If permission is granted then you must send us a copy of your pictures / videos for review and approval before you share it anywhere.
  • Always ask your children if they need the lavatory before class starts. We always encourage students to do so before class starts, to avoid all distractions once class is in progress.
  • When class starts, make sure you’re no more than 5 min away from the dojo,in case we need to reach you suddenly.
  • Make sure your child does not come to class hungry, or straight after a heavy meal. Remember that no food means no energy, which may potentially lead to other problems in the dojo. Training on a full stomach is likewise very dangerous. Please allow at least 1h, before class starts, so their food can digest
  • Make sure that nails on hands and feet are always cut short to prevent injuries during training. Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery while class is in progress, and long hair must be kept tidy..
  • If the class continues for longer and you don’t want to stay, you don’t have to – just get Sensei’s attention to let your child go.
  • All classes are scheduled to finish roughly five min before end time, to make space for other classes starting straight after. Make sure you’re outside of the dojo at least five min before class ends. Those entering the dojo for their children’s last five min of class MUST do so quietly to keep from disturbing the class.
  • Be ready to collect your child on time, and also make sure your child has instructions for when you’re running late. Always follow the official class timetable, and be present 5 min before class ends.
  • If arriving late for class, please keep noise to a minimum and let your child join the class quietly without disturbing the group. Please note that Sensei must acknowledge the student before he/she can join the group.
  • It is very important to ensure we have your current contact details in casethere’s a need to reach you. Also, make sure our numbers are on your contact list, so you know that it’s EMAR Dojo when we’re calling you. We’ll only call you if we really need you, so please do your best to answer our calls.
  • You must stay with your child until the Sensei has arrived. Under no circumstances should you leave your child in the dojo without the Sensei in view. You can only exit the dojo once Sensei instructs students to get in order for the class to start. Please leave the dojo quietly at that time, and do not talk loudly in the corridor (as we and others can hear from inside). If you’re early for class, please ensure your child is waiting quietly for class to begin, and not playing around in the dojo.
  • Parents must wait for their children at designated areas or outside.
  • Sensei must be aware about any medical conditions, sickness, or injury that a student might have. If your child is not feeling well before class, let the Sensei know as soon as possible. If the student is allowed to stay in the class you’ll have to make sure that you’re nearby in case you’re needed.
  • If your child is not feeling well, we recommend that they stay home and recover fully before resuming classes again. Remember that you could put your child, and others around you, in more danger by letting them train while unwell.
  • Treat everyone in the dojo with respect. Do not raise your voice or call instructors by their names. If you have concerns about something please speak with the Sensei in charge.

We are a professional dojo and want the best for our students. Your cooperation is much appreciated by all the instructors and students of EMAR dojo, as well as the other parents. Thank you very much.


Vanya BozhkovaVanya Bozhkova
22:14 21 Jan 23
Love this dojo! Highly recommend! The students and instructors are fantastic"All instruc­tors are incred­i­ble, they are very good with chil­dren and truly care about them. It has a fam­ily feel that is very wel­com­ing to both new and exist­ing stu­dents. They work to develop the stu­dents phys­i­cally, men­tally and spir­i­tu­ally. I highly rec­om­mend this school for any­one look­ing for a karate school"
Josh DmelloJosh Dmello
23:28 29 Aug 22
This is one of the best places to learn kiyokushin karate.Had my trial lesson yesterday. Really impressed by the way they warm-up and train.Sensei Simeon is a great martial artist who really cares about his student's sucess in the sport.
Ross Elliott JacksonRoss Elliott Jackson
18:11 16 Oct 21
We send our 6yr old boy to Elite Martial Arts. Simply put it is phenomenal. Simeon (Sensei) is absolutely fantastic with the children of all ages and adults alike. He leads by absolute example yet despite his tough and disaplined character, is also extremely welcoming and has the audience respecting the classes, but equally thoroughly enjoying them. My son is hooked, he is learning great life skills, discipline, and inclusion. And with a bit of luck will get his red and white belt in the next few weeks after a couple terms of attending classes on either a Saturday or Sunday, sometimes both. If you are considering a martial arts class. This is the BEST for miles!
Elliot SimsElliot Sims
14:00 24 Aug 18
EMAR is the best Dojo/Martial arts Gym in London and this is due to Sensei Simeon not being your average Coach. As someone who has studies a variety of martial arts disciplines over the years, Simeon is hands down the best I have had. He has the experience of competing on an international level and has been very successful championing in Kyokushin Karate (Full contact Karate), Kickboxing and Boxing. Regardless of all of his accomplishments he still has a very humble, understanding and approachable demeanour. Training with EMAR has strengthened not just my body but also my mind making me a more resilient and disciplined individual. As a secondary school teacher I would highly recommend training at this gym for children and teenagers. With a free trail class you cant go wrong.
Sari GhamloushSari Ghamloush
21:46 21 Aug 18
Almost 13 years with my coach Simeon. I came as a guest, and stayed as family. He has helped me become multiple time UK and International champion. If you are serious about training, whether you're from MMA, K1, Muay Thai or Boxing background, you can be sure that you'll be training with one of the TOP Kyokushin Dojos in the UK. Visit emarteam website to find out more, or find our facebook/instagram page at Elite Martial Arts Richmond.