Life Coaching

What is a life coach? Simply put, a life coach is a trained individual who helps people improve their lives – be it in terms of a job, athletic performance, or the personal side of things. Mentoring and coaching, besides elite training, are critical for the success of every athlete. With years of experience in combat sports, and having trained and mentored thousands of students, we’ll help you face the challenges of life, find a solution to conquer your fears, and achieve success. Most successful people, including athletes, attribute much of their success in life to people who have offered advice, guidance and support throughout their journey.

Our approach

Once we understand where you are now, what you want to change, and where you want to be, our experts will provide you with all the necessary tools to achieve your goals. We’ll help you understand yourself better, so you’ll be able to push yourself beyond your limits to achieve personal and professional success. With the power of martial arts training, our team of professionals will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and your abilities, and to face and overcome your fears. Our life coaching programme is designed to be flexible and fluid, whilst enabling problem-solving and skills development to aid your challenges on and off the battlefield.

Face your fears and reach your true potential

Part of our life coaching programme is to build a custom-crafted schedule that navigates the life demands of normal people with busy careers and active families. Training will be adjusted according to your age, background, skill set and physiology, to help maximise your true potential. The programme will guide you through a range of issues which can be professional or personal. With vigorous martial arts training and personal mentoring, we will help you realise your true potential and reach peak performance. You’ll receive personalised, nurturing support from our incredible role models, and we’ll share inspirational stories that helped us reach to the top of our personal and professional lives.

Let us inspire you

Our team of life mentors have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge on ascending the global ranks in their respective sports. Some are current or previous Team GB athletes, and some are even European and world champions. To achieve this, they had to make sacrifices, be incredibly organised, learn how to manage pressure, and understand how to be productive with time and resources, to get the most out of their minds and bodies. By using relatable examples, our mentors will give you enough discipline and inspiration to achieve your goals. We believe in you, and know that you have the talent to achieve anything you want in life. That’s why we make your journey to personal and professional success even easier by giving you the skills, tools, training and confidence you need to achieve those goals. We will work with you on a one-to-one basis to accurately assess your goals and develop a clear action plan.

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