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Kids Birthday Parties

Our amazing Kids Martial Arts Birthday Parties are a big hit. Give your child and their friends an awesome time so they can create incredible memories. Our parties are super fun, and have that one-of-a-kind experience kids love. You’ll get a fast, action-packed martial arts class that’s infused with exciting games and lots of joy.

Get an action-packed, super-fun birthday party for the most special child in the world!

We understand that most children like to celebrate their birthdays with friends in a way that they love. Our students are very dedicated to their training, want to celebrate their special day with their coaches, and to introduce their friends to something ‘cool’. In their tailored session there will be some fancy kicks on the pads, lots of games, and a chance for your child’s birthday to be celebrated in a great environment.

Your child and their friends will kick, punch, and jump their way through an exciting martial arts adventure on their special day. The best part: Kids need exercise now more than ever, and we help them to expend excess energy during the party! We keep them entertained the whole time so you can relax.

This sounds great but my child doesn’t currently train with EMAR Dojo.

Absolutely no problem at all. As stated earlier, each party is catered to whoever is celebrating a big day. The party is up to 1.5 hours (90 min) in duration with lots of fun games, excitement, and of course an amazing karate session. You can invite as few as five children up to as many as twenty. A bigger party is always possible, but they require an additional instructor via pre-arrangement.

Parents can also join the karate class, if interested, or sit back and relax while watching kids having a great time.

Base Package

With our Base Package, your child can enjoy helping one of our professional instructors take a fun-filled and specially designed martial arts class with their friends, allowing them to demonstrate their skills. They will receive a KARATE SUPER STAR medal in front of their friends, which they will cherish forever, and the birthday student will also have the opportunity to break a real wooden board in front of friends.

Premium Package

Make your child’s birthday extra memorable with an additional surprise. The Premium Package gives your child the same benefits as the Base Package, plus a karate uniform for them to keep, and a real black belt that they can wear for the day. 

Premium Package

Make your child’s birthday extra memorable with an additional surprise. The Premium Package gives your child the same benefits as the Base Package, plus a karate uniform for them to keep, and a real black belt that they can wear for the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a little girl. Aren’t martial arts more for boys?2023-04-06T16:47:46+00:00

NO! Some of our best champions and our most dedicated students are girls. On average half of our students are girls, and they all enjoy the beauty of karate. Teaching young girls self-defence is one of the most important traits that will give them a strong head start in life by developing leadership skills and their confidence.

My child is too boisterous and sometimes too strong for his own good. What can I do to settle him down?2023-04-06T16:47:25+00:00

At EMAR Dojo, we teach our students self-control and self-discipline. We love students that are too strong or hyper active, as we are experts in channelling this ‘excessive level of energy’ in the right direction. Nothing calms a student more than a karate session.

My child is being bullied. Can you help with that – without teaching my child to be violent back?2023-04-06T16:47:04+00:00

As a martial artist you discover an inner strength and the confidence that gives a different aura to the martial arts individual. Bullies prey on those weaker than themselves, either in stature or confidence. By creating self-assurance in your child, and adding to that the knowledge, they are better able to protect themselves if they ever are in a dangerous position.

My child is very shy. Can Karate help?2023-04-06T16:46:43+00:00

A main concept behind martial arts is the building of confidence. We’ll encourage your child to do the warming-up session, which will ultimately improve their self-esteem and confidence. Classes are also very interactive, which significantly improves confidence and leadership skills.

Does my child have to spar?2023-04-06T16:46:25+00:00

No child is allowed to do sparring until they have learnt sufficient skills in order to be able to defend himself/herself. Our prime concern is safety and keeping the child confident, so we assess each child (not the class) in order to gauge their ability level. Once they have been training for a while, and have grasped the basic understanding of karate, then we’ll start them off with non-contact drills. We also make sure students have adequate protective gear before participating in any contact training.

“We organised a party for my son’s 5th birthday with sensei Simeon at EMAR Dojo. It was the best birthday he’s had to date – all the kids were utterly engrossed with Sensei – he has such a big heart full of playfulness (roars of laughter and fun), plus the effortless commanded respect you’d want in an incredible sensei. The kids hung onto his every word and action, with big smiles throughout. It was a perfect day for my boy and his friends, so glad we did it”.

– Testimonial from Holly,
Mom to one of our group
and private class students

“As the father of a 4-year-old Girl – I was keen to see how my little Princess would do when she joined Simeon and Elite Martial Arts. 9 months later, she looks forward to her Saturday Mornings with great enthusiasm and is very proud of her red belt. They say Martial Arts are a great way to install discipline and focus at an early age. Simeon does this with both empathy and firmness and has a unique connection with his young “ninja’s”. Would recommend Elite Martial Arts (aka Simeon) all day long”.

– Testimonial from Edle

“My son (7) has been going there for over a year now and I cannot thank the team more. He LOVES it, has grown in confidence and it has honestly become a huge passion. I cannot rate this club highly enough. It is by no way the closest club for me (I live in Wimbledon) but I would not take him anywhere else. It is friendly, caring and totally professional and I cannot thank Simeon enough! 10/10”.

– Testimonial from Lucy

EMAR martial arts is a wonderful experience for my son and several of his friends.
The students learn physical skills – as you would expect – that enhance coordination and fitness in a way that delivers that priceless feeling of being in control, comfortable and confident in your own body. But the sensei is equally passionate about instilling the discipline and values which should accompany that physical skillset.

– Testimonial from Fi

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