As someone who loves to travel and a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, I loved the idea of a fitness holiday in a picturesque location such as Sandanski Bulgaria with a reputable group such as the EMAR team but was sceptical. You see I’d attended several training camps abroad and fitness style retreat holidays in the past and always found them either too extreme lacking the any relaxation element at all or really lacking intensity.

I feel honestly feel the phrase ‘work hard play hard’ was made for this the 2022 EMAR summer camp and it succeeded all expectations. With friendly and approachable people with all different level of experience whether it’s professional fighters in their late twenties/ early thirties to the more ‘experienced’ participants in their late forties-training is accessible to everyone.

The hotel is exceptional and serves great food or covered in the cost of the camp. It also is great sport facilities that compliment your recovery, rest and relaxation time. The training is late by world-class Coaches in a variety of combat sports such as kyokushin karate, kickboxing and wrestling. Probably the highlight of the trip was climbing the Vihren -2914m above sea level. The view and achievement factor when you reach the top is sensational. I can’t wait till next year to attend again!