Each session varies depending on the client, and what the purpose of the sessions are.

Before the first session, the client may be asked to complete a questionnaire, detailing their diet, lifestyle, and any health problems they may have. During the first session, our nutrition therapist will discuss the findings, going into greater detail. She may make some simple recommendations that can be carried out straight away, and, if needs be, suggest some supplements. The nutritional therapist will also develop a personal plan, to be carried out and monitored long term. It will include meal plans, exercise regimes, supplements, and suggestions of any alternative therapy which may be beneficial.

The subsequent sessions then monitor progress, amending the plan as necessary, and providing motivation and support. These sessions may take place face-to-face, or online, she may offer phone and email support instead of, or in addition, to this. Typically, sessions can last from 45 – 90 minutes.