Whether it’s for a specific reason, or just to help stay fit, healthy and confident, a nutrition professional can be invaluable to anyone and everyone.

  • With so many conflicting messages about healthy eating, a professional can help sort through what applies to the individual, giving them confidence that they are eating healthily.
  • Those who are in training for an event, a marathon, for example, may benefit from a nutrition professional to help them achieve their goals.
  • People wanting to lose weight can also turn to a nutrition professional to help them change their habits and become healthier, step-by-step.
  • Those with diet-related illnesses, such as diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome can help control and manage their illness by knowing what kind of food is good for them, and what isn’t.
  • People recovering from a long-term illness often use a nutrition professional as part of the rehabilitation process, building up their fitness in manageable steps.
  • With increasingly busy lifestyles, a nutrition professional takes the hard work out of planning meals and fitting in exercising.
  • Those who have specific food allergies or follow specific diets can seek advice on making sure the body is getting all the nutrients it needs.