The EMARTEAM syllabus provides a clear pathway for students to learn and improve. Regular grading examinations are held twice a year normally around June and December (this may vary) Minor gradings can be held at any time during a regular class. Gradings will not always be announced in advance, so students should work hard during every class and be prepared at all times.

All students will be issued a KARATE PASSPORT when joining the dojo. It will be used to keep a record of your participation and accomplishments. The student will be responsible for maintaining it and the information contained within will be one of the criteria used for gradings.

After showing enough effort in training and proving theoretical competency the students will have an opportunity to test for a higher rank. The belt color also signifies the rank. The nomenclature is rather uniform for all Kyokushin Karate organizations.

Criteria for attending grading is based on:

  1. Time at current level (minimum of 3-6 months from 10th to 5th Kyu, 6 months 5th to 3rd Kyu and 1-2 years on 2nd and 1st Kyu.)
  2. Authorisation from Chief Instructor
  3. A minimum of 80% attendance from the previous grading.
  4. Competence in all aspects of the syllabus for the level required.
  5. For anyone grading above 4th Kyu a competition history is required.
  6. behaviour in and outside the club/dojo
  7. Students must submit their application form, license book and grading fee before the grading date to be eligible to grade.