Kokoro Cup is a famous kyokushin karate and K1 event well known for the open weight fights amongst men and women. The 12th annual gala is traditionally organised in Warsaw Poland by Shihan Mariusz Mazur. It was an honor for our club to receive an invitation and take part at the tournament which attracted a number of kyokushin karate legends such as Alejandro Navarro and Maciek Mazur over the years.
EMAR dojo sent our best female Fighter, Senpai Jurgita Vencaite, to represent our team and she didn’t disappoint.
She had an opportunity to fight two World Class Fighters with very different fighting styles and huge amount of experience.
First fight Jurgita faced Agata Kozubowska who is a brilliant technician and can escalate almost perfect mae geri jodan. Although Jurgita was the dominant fighter setting the pace throughout, the fight went with all the extensions and there was no sufficient weight difference. Luckily our fighter’s endurance and domination won the fight in the last extension by majority decision 4:1.
The final was against a Japanese fighter Momo Fujihara. Although Jurgita tried to dictate the tempo of the fight, the Japanese representative was more powerful, explosive and solid fighter therefore dominated the fight. After main time Momo Senpai won the Champion’s title on majority 5:0 decision.
This is what Jurgita Senpai shared with us after the unforgettable experience:
“I was very well prepared for the fights and special thank you to Jurek Domanski, a team mate who looked after me and prepared a great strategy which I have done my utmost best to fulfill. Of course it wouldn’t have been possible without my big hearted coach Sempai Simeon. As well as Kacper Popkowicz who took care of us while in Poland. Great hospitality.
Reflecting on such moments which are worth every drop of sweat, blood and occasional tear. Every self doubt and bitterness of loss. Every sleepless night covered in cold sweat. Careful and persistent work of effort is a security net which I can turn to when feeling most vulnerable. That inevitably provides results. Sooner or later and regardless of the scale. Whether that is a win at the tournament, a small personal realisation or mastered technique. Continuous growth. Period.
For now I am off to look after my sweet science of bruises, enjoy lighter training sessions and prepare for the upcoming tournaments. Up and forward. OSU!”
EMAR dojo is very proud with Jurgita and her monumental achievement.
Champions are made, Not Born!