On the 2nd of April, 2023, the traditional International Karate Kyokushin tournament “Scottish Cup” was held in Glasgow, with representatives from Italy, Austria, Georgia, Scotland, Wales, and England competing against each other for the prestigious trophies. Our Karate Warriors displayed yet another phenomenal performance at Glasgow, entering the tournament with 12 participants and winning a total of 11 trophies in different age, weight, and experience categories.

The students who fought in the kids and cadets divisions demonstrated tremendous progress in their technique and strength, while our novice fighters fought with unwavering dedication, applying all the skills they had learned during the sessions in the dojo. Our Head Instructor, Sensei Simeon, is extremely pleased with the outstanding results and technical improvement that our students demonstrated during the bouts.

All participants fought with great heart and demonstrated the true spirit of Karate, which is to never give up. As a result of our outstanding performance, our dojo was ranked the best performing team in the tournament, which is the perfect way to start the competition season for 2023 after finishing as the number one ranked dojo among 33 countries in 2022.

The tournament was organized very well by Shihan Prasana Fernando and his hardworking team, and as usual, we felt very welcome and well looked after. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved for providing us with such an amazing expe


The team spirit is high, everyone is happy and injury-free, which is the best outcome from any tournament. We have a few days for celebrations and then back to the dojo, ready to put in hard work once again, as we only have six weeks before our next big tournament, the Welsh Open on the 20th of May.