We have a full programme of fun, relaxing and exciting activities between sessions. You can use the 5-star spa services in the hotel, book one of the amazing spa procedures, or simply dip in the mineral water swimming pool to help you recover from training. There are saunas, steam rooms, salt rooms, relaxation rooms, foot spa, pressure showers, tropical showers and much more.

We organise night visits to an extinct local volcano where we cover ourselves with healing mud from its crater. We also have organised tours around the town that cover its historical and cultural spots. A shopping tour in the town can also be organised. We’ve also visited an old monastery to learn about Bulgarian history. For wine lovers, we have organised wine tastings at one of the best and most popular wineries, one of which is where British Prime MinisterWinston Churchill used to get his wine.

The best and most rewarding activity is of course the mountain hiking, which is something we cannot recommend highly enough.