On the 23rd of March 2024, EMAR Dojo, a renowned Karate Kyokushin establishment, showcased its excellence as it participated in a prestigious training session alongside Team GB in Milton Keynes. The event marked a significant milestone for EMAR Dojo, boasting a record-breaking attendance of 19 students, ranging from ages 8 to 21.

Under the guidance of the esteemed Head Coach of Karate Kyokushin Team GB, Shihan Wai Cheung, the national team training session focused on students under the age of 21. EMAR Dojo’s students demonstrated exceptional talent, displaying impeccable technique, fitness, endurance, willpower, and sportsmanship throughout the session.

The head coach of the National Team expressed profound satisfaction with EMAR Dojo’s athletes, commending their dedication and performance. This session served as the inaugural step in the selection process for the new National Team squad, slated to represent Team GB at the forthcoming World Tournament in Germany next year.

The head coach of Team GB also emphasized the immense potential he sees in many students from EMAR Dojo, highlighting that with continued hard work and dedication, they all stand a chance to secure a coveted spot on the National Team for Kyokushin Karate.

Reflecting on the session, Sensei Simeon, the Head Sensei of EMAR Dojo, extended his gratitude to everyone at British Karate Kyokushin for the invitation and the flawlessly organized event. “I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone at British Karate Kyokushin for the invitation and for organizing such a perfectly executed event,” Sensei Simeon remarked. “Our students had an incredible experience and enjoyed every moment of the session.”

As EMAR Dojo continues to foster a culture of excellence and commitment to the martial arts, this training session served as a pivotal moment for students to showcase their skills, gain invaluable experience, and pursue their aspirations of representing Team GB in Kyokushin Karate at the highest level. With determination and perseverance, the future looks bright for the talented martial artists of EMAR Dojo.