Senpai Shahan started Kyokushinkai training in 1995 under Hanshi Steve Arneil, one of Sosai Masatatsu Oyama’s greatest proteges, and the second karateka to successfully complete the 100-man kumite. Senpai Shahan started his karate journey at King’s College School in Wimbledon, then joined Wimbledon Karate Kyokushinkai Dojo in 1999. Under the influence of Hanshi Steve Arneil, he developed into a technically proficient karateka, with a focus on developing his practice of kata and kihon. Like Hanshi Steve Arneil, Senpai Shahan believes that the foundational base of traditional karate provides the essential ingredients to become a technical proficient and strong fighter, and that the true test of all learning in karate lies within its application of kumite, and in the conduct of one’s own life.

Senpai Shahan gained significant experience in national WUKO and Clicker tournaments during his formative years of training. In 2011, he gained experience with fighting in knockdowns. Today, he is an instructor both at Wimbledon Karate Kyokushinkai and Elite Martial Arts Richmond, and continues to train under Shihan Jeff Whybrow (one of Hanshi Steve Arneil’s greatest proteges) and Sensei Simeon Kyurchiev.

Outside of Kykokushinkai, Senpai Shahan practices as a doctor and [as a] hospital specialist/ Consultant Anaesthetist in Southwest London. He sub-specialises in regional nerve block techniques. Senpai Shahan’s approach to teaching is contemplative and reflective.. He brings his knowledge of medicine and science to develop new training methodologies, and believes that inspiring personal development and strong character in others is an integral component of teaching and training.