Sensei SARI

Sensei Sari is part of the GB National Karate team. He started his sports journey in 2001 after moving from Lebanon to the UK. Involved in sports from a young age, he was keen to continue this journey and achieve his dream of becoming a champion. In 2005, he joined London ShootFighters, one of the best Mixed Martial Arts gyms in Europe. It has produced some of the world’s best fighters, some of whom have fought in the UFC, Pride, and many other renowned fighting organisations.

Sensei Sari’s MMA journey consisted mainly of wrestling, jiu jitsu, and boxing, with numerous cage fights at professional level. In 2007, Sari met his Kyokushin instructor, Sensei Simeon, at London ShootFighters. His dedication, and his instructor’s invaluable coaching, helped his development into a professional karate fighter. This resulted in Sari competing at the highest national level: representing Great Britain and becoming a national and international champion. With many years of experience in combat sports, Sari is still competing at the highest level. Furthermore, Sari has a passion for nutrition and physical therapy and is currently a Shodan (1st degree black belt) in Kyokushin Karate. Sari brings a ton of fighting experience in MMA and Karate which has enabled him to personally train and coach at all levels, from juniors, to young adults, to professional level fighters.

Fun fact: Sensei Sari is Sensei Simeon’s first black belt student to be completely trained by him from white belt stage. It took fifteen years of blood, sweat, and tears, but giving up was not an option.