Sensei RAZZ

Sensei Razz always had a huge interest in martial arts, having grown up in various countries like Sweden, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and the UK. One of his mentors was his late father, a martial arts enthusiast who guided him throughout his early years. He has more than thirty-four years of experience in martial arts and combat sports. Sensei Razz has been instrumental in coaching successful competitors, as well as competitions at the highest level for himself.. He personally believes in pairing the growth aspirations of students with the right amount of motivation and guidance for effective results.

He is currently a 2nd degree black belt holder in both Kyokushin karate and the International Taekwondo Federation. He was part of the national team in Malaysia for Taekwondo/Kyokushin, and was also part of the England national team for Kyokushin Karate whilst completing his postgraduate degree in Computer Networks and Telematics.

Sensei Razz loves to teach his students to aim for greater heights whether in martial arts, careers, or personal goals. He has more than ten years teaching experience in both Kyokushin karate and Taekwondo. His enthusiasm and dedication have helped many students achieve their goals in terms of training and personal growth. He is a multiple Malaysian, Indian and UK National Kyokushin and Taekwondo champion, and also a representative of the Malaysian nNational team for the World Championship(s.