Sensei RABIE

Sensei Rabie’s Kyokushin journey started in 1993 under Shihan Omar Al-Hayek, in Lebanon. He earned his black belt in 1999. Sensei Rabie worked for Save the Children in Lebanon, and coached their Karate team for several years, until he left to continue his studies in the UK. Upon his arrival in the UK, Sensei Rabie trained Kickboxing, Shotokan and Kung Fu in Newcastle and then moved to London where he continued his Kyokushin Karate journey under Hanshi Steve Arneil.

Sensei Rabie is an active athlete and the current UK Kyokushin Karate Champion in the veteran category. His son is also training Kyokushin Karate from a very early age and is already a multiple times National Champion. He loves teaching, and has been instrumental in coaching his own team back in Lebanon since earning his brown belt. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, and a Master’s in Control System Engineering from City University London.