Sensei MAREK

Sensei Marek has a long career of teaching Kyokushin Karate to professional soldiers, civilians and children of different ages. He began his karate training in Poland at the age of eleven. . His first karate discipline was Shotokan karate. After ten years of consistent training, he achieved the rank of black belt. Sensei Marek took part in many national and international full contact tournaments and seminars with combat sports experts. Two years later, his hard work earned him the rank of 2nd degree in karate.He was subsequently assigned to a special forces unit in his home country of Poland, and involved with training soldiers assigned to elite regiments.


Sensei Marek has vast experience in various styles of hand-to-hand combat systems, including the use of weapons, sticks and tonfa. In addition to his 2nd degree in Shotokan karate, Sensei Marek also achieved 3rd degree in Oyama Karate, and passed the instructors’ exam.s At the young age of fifty-four, Sensei Marek remains an active athlete,regularly taking part in Karate Kyokushin tournaments. He is a strong role model, and an inspiration to all EMAR Dojo students.