Senapai Jurgita is a first degree black belt holder in Kyokushin karate and has a second degree black belt in kickboxing. In 1999, she joined Taurus Karate Kyokushin Academy, quickly becoming one of the strongest students in her dojo, and was allowed to enter national tournaments.She is a multiple Karate Kyokushin national champion of Lithuania.

In 2014, she continued her studies back in London. After becoming national champion of England on multiple occasions, she was selected to represent Team GB in Kyokushin karate. She took part in many international tournaments, seminars, and training camps with fellow world class athletes.

Besides her love for karate, Senpai Jurgita also enjoys playing basketball, football, volleyball, horse-riding, car-racing, cycling, and all sorts of water disciplines. She has a BA in International Business from Middlesex University. One of Senpai Jurga’s passions is child development.