Senpai Gilles began learning Shotokan in his home country of France at age seven. At age fourteen, he was introduced to Kyokushin by his brother, a black belt in the same style, and this is when he fell in love with it.

Senpai Gilles first Kyokushin Instructor was soon the legendary Shihan Fourment, one of the most renowned and experienced pro fighters of his time. Senpai Gilles spent twelve years under Ferment’s tutelage. On arrival in the UK, Senpai Gilles continued his martial arts journey by spending six years in a professional kickboxing academy as a regular training partner for professional athletes. He’s been a national champion multiple times , and regularly attends national and international combat sports seminars and camps. Senpai Gilles received his 1st degree black belt in 2018 under the sharp eye of Shihan Judd Reid and Sensei Simeon.

His two young sons have also been training in Kyokushin since early age, and have both become national champions multiple times in their respective categories. His younger son became a European champion in 2022 at a tournament in Italy, receiving an award for best fighting technique.