Sensei Anna

Sensei Anna is a professional athlete, and one of our most experienced female instructors. Sensei Anna is also a fully qualified personal trainer and a sports therapist. Her sports journey began at age seven, with basketball, handball, football and volleyball , though her true passion at this early stage of her life was running. She won six gold and four silver long distance running medals.

Already considered successful in various sports by that time, Sensei Anna always knew that was something missing in her life. This is when she found Kyokushin karate. After having her first class back in Poland, she fell in love with the dynamics of martial arts, which heralded a new beginning for her. Sensei Anna achieved the rank of 1st degree black belt in Kyokushin, and now has over twelve years of Kyokushin karate training experience earned in Poland, Holland and England. With hundreds of students and champions developed throughout her many years in martial arts, Sensei Anna is a source of motivation, guidance and knowledge for our students. She competes regularly at national and international tournaments, and has won many trophies.