Senpai ANDRY / Assistant Instructor

Senpai Andry started her Martial arts journey over 8 years ago. She always had a very strong and competitive spirit and when she was introduced to the beauty of Kyokushin Karate she absolutely fell in love with it and knew that this is what she wanted to do in love. Very quickly she advanced through the ranks and shortly after she entered professional tournaments where she won against some of the top Fighters in the UK.

Senpai Andry is multiple times National Karate Champion and still an active athlete. She always leads her students by example and believes that with hard work and a positive mindset everything is possible.

Originally from Colombia, Senpai Andry has also been actively participating in Football and Basketball. You’ll always find her with a big smile and full with positive energy ready to help students fulfil their potential. Her positive energy is reflected in her love for teaching others and guiding them to become the strongest versions of themselves in every aspect of life, by discovering their potential through consistent and dedicated study of Kyokushin Karate.