Sensei RABIE

Senpai Abbie spent childhood playing a wide range of sports including football and basketball. This grew into interest in the world of Martial arts, and by age ten she had joined our academy as a total beginner. With her dedication and hard work, Abbie very quickly became of the strongest students in the kids class, and was shortly moved to the adult group where she continued to develop her talent.

Senpai Abbie is a professional athlete, often competing at national and international tournaments. She is multiple national karate champion, and one of the most promising young fighters in the UK. Over the past seven years, she’s dedicated herself to learning the art of Kyokoushin, and has since earned her 2nd KYU (brown belt).

Senpai Abbie is currently at university studying for a degree in Finance and Investments.She has also achieved a level 1 gym qualification. A firm believer that academics and sports go hand in hand, she is always leading the classes by example, to show new students how consistent hard work and a positive attitude can make anything possible.