Arsh has been at EMAR dojo for two years now, with phenomenal results. It took him barely a year to transition from total beginner to active athlete after competing at the biggest Karate Kyokushin tournament in the UK, The British Open.

Senpai Arsh joined the EMAR team after the loss of a loved one. “I can honestly say that Sensei Simeon has been a guiding light throughout my journey along with the team who were always there to challenge and push me beyond any plateaus. I was once very shy, quiet and didn’t really speak much. Karate has taught me to face any challenges with a brave smile and to never give up. The team, here at EMAR Dojo, has been extremely supportive and helped me believe in myself again”.

Senpai Arsh knows how daunting it may seem walking into a dojo not knowing anyone, or being nervous, and is always ready to help.