Too busy for our group sessions ? Don’t worry we offer private one to one sessions. Whether you are a total beginner or professional fighter, our private one to one sessions can help you achieve your goals. They are individually tailored to your personal requirements. We can help you get fit, lose weight, prepare for competition or just have a great workout.

” Pure encouragement and belief through achieving my goals” !

“I am not sure I can put into words how brilliant Simeon is and just how much he has done for me. He is the full PT package: he’s professional; he is passionate; he’s dedicated; he’s organised; he’s motivating; he’s even funny. And his approach works. He has got to be one of the most motivated and upbeat people that I have ever met and this is what attracted me to him not only as my partner but also a personal trainer. ( We have been together for over 10 years)  His infectious positivity is what you need at 6am in the morning He has made training  fun again!!!

I have been working out for years and the gym has just been getting a bit boring and  I  just wasn’t seeing any results anymore. He has introduced me to a whole new way of training and continues to show me new and fun exercises. Simeon  has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well being not just my muscles.  Our sessions were always hard work but always with an element of fun, enjoyment being so important to keep me motivated.  When I thought I couldn’t do something I was never allowed to give in, it was broken down to help me manage it, which always meant that without realising it, I would achieve what I believed to be impossible.  No shouting, no humiliation just pure encouragement and belief.

My best result from working with Simeon?  Self belief! I have benefitted by becoming stronger and leaner . His motivation and enthusiasm was a real driving force to help me persevere and challenge my ability. Using  kettlebells and various bodyweight exercises, my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have discussed. I have learnt so much from Simeon, he is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with.  His passion for sport is contagious. Simeon is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational and I cant recommend him enough! For people who want to feel happier, stronger, fitter, Get further, faster, better For people who want to achieve their ultimate goals but don’t always manage to.

Vanya / Sensei Simeon’s wife and 1 to 1 student



“I have been training at EMAR Team for almost 2 years and it completely changed my life. Sensei Simeon is the best Sensei you can find in London. He always manages to push me further and I am now able to do things I couldnt even dream of 2 years ago. My 2 boys joined as well and their progress is very impressive as well. ”

Gilles / Private and group class students


“Simeon is a fantastic trainer and he genuinely cares about getting people healthier. He is inspirational and the whole family loves their sessions with him. Having trained with many Martial Arts coaches over the last 4 decades I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Simeon”

Nick/ Family Private classes


“Joining EMAR and training with Sensei Simeon has been life-changing for me. It is tough and challenging but provides you with the kind of skills such as patience and discipline that help you become better person. I have played a lot of different sports over the years and tried different exercises, but this made the biggest difference. The team is also great and Sensei Simeon is a truly Inspirational Leader”.

Jamie/ Private and Group class Student


“There is no Sensei in the World that can come close to Simeon – you are a great Warrior, a great Teacher, a great Friend and a great Inspiration to all of us. Thank you for your priceless efforts  time and time again. Your efforts are more than appreciated, they are inspirational and will stay with us throughout not only our Kyokushin/Martial Arts career but also throughout our wellbeing/life. Words cannot thank you enough so best we can do is let our achievements, lessons and moments be shared with you.”

Ricardo / Long time Student