Kyokushin Karate is a full contact style of karate known as the strongest style in the World and was developed by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama in the 1950s. Translated from japanese, it means The society of the ultimate truth. It is considered as one of the most challenging forms of karate, placing great emphasis on combat effectiveness.
The Kyokushin karate system is not only based on traditional Karate like Goju Ryu and Shotokan, but also incorporates elements from other combat sports like Boxing, Kick Boxing and Muai Thai in its fighting style. The benefits of practising Full Contact karate are countless. It is a whole body workout that develops the body and the mind. Karate can help you with your recovery process after an injury or serious illness as it strengthen your body and mind. Regardless of your reasons, Martial Arts will help you become healthier, stronger and a better human being!

Some Kyokushin fighters have successfully appeared and competed in traditional Knockdown, Kickboxing and MMA events like K-1, Pride and the UFC.( Francisco Filho, Andy Hug, Glaube Feitosa, Semmy Schilt, Georges St-Pierre, multiple winner of the Worlds Strongest Man title and MMA fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski and Hollywood actor and fighter Dolph Lundgren, to name a few). Continuing to spread the growth of Kyokushinkai as arguably the toughest form of stand-up fighting in the world today.