Our Founder and Chief Instructor, Sensei Simeon was introduced to the World of Kyokushin Karate at the early age of 5 and Combat Sports has been an important part of his life since then. It has always been his dream to have his own dojo. After spending more than 10 years of teaching Kyokushin Karate and Other Martial Arts in various places ( The World Famous MMA gym “London Shootfighters” to name few), he finally succeeded in opening his own dojo in 2016. His Love for Kyokushin Karate set the tone for one of the most fruitful Martial Arts dojos in UK.

EMAR Dojo was built with the underlying sentiment of Friendship and Love for Combat Sports and it is being transmitted through to our Instructors, Students and Professional Athletes. in essence it is the key to our Academy’s success. 

Although we do not have any Sponsors, each passing year we have improved our facilities and invested in extra training equipment that will help our students to advance in combat Sports.

We are one great and supportive family with one common goal – to follow the Budo way and improve ourselves on a daily basis. Since we opened we have had hundreds of Happy Students who range from Investment Bankers to Labourers, from Pensioners to toddlers, from students who have no interest in entering competitions to National, European and World Champions.

With consistent hard work and absolute dedication we proved to be one of the best performing Full Contact Karate clubs in UK. We participate regularly in National and International Tournaments and for the last 3 years we collected over 120 trophies in different age and weight categories – this proves our level of commitment. Some of our Students made it to th every top and got selected to represent The GB National team in Kyokushin Karate.

 If you are interested in starting your new journey in Martial Arts, or are an experienced athlete looking to expand your skills, this is your new home. WE MAKE CHAMPIONS!


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