Elite Martial Arts Richmond is UK’s premier Full contact Karate Kyokushin Club and prides itself in delivering the highest standard of Karate and Martial Arts instruction. We offer fantastic training facilities and outstanding coaching suited for all levels from total beginners to professionals. Our Instructors and Assistant Coaches are here to make sure your technique is constantly improving, you are always in a safe environment and your fitness is pushed to its limit. 

Whether it is for fighting or just fitness, you can take it to the next level with us. Combat disciplines are a great way to get in a top shape while learning some practical self- defence skills which will increase your confidence and help you manage stress.

At EMAR dojo our main goal is to provide an enjoyable and safe environment with a focus on modern as well as proven training methods.

Although we focus on Kyokushin karate, our classes are very diverse and we also implement systems and techniques from various combat sports like boxing, kickboxing, K1, MMA,HIIT Wrestling and BJJ. Classes are focused on improving your coordination, flexibility, mobility, stamina, endurance, cardio, conditioning, self-defence skills, combat strategy and breathing just to name a few.

We run age and level specific classes designed to meet the highest needs for professional fighters, beginners, children and youths. We also offer personalised training sessions and fitness programmes just for you.

Corporate training programmes specifically tailored to your needs are also available.

We are here to help you get in the best shape of your life while having some serious fun in a friendly and safe environment.

We understand joining a new gym can be a little intimidating so here at EMAR Team we strive to make your experience the best it can be!

Since we opened door in 2016 our dojo has grown into a strong family with open arms for people who share our enthusiasm for the sports we teach. All our members, regardless of their background and experience, know they all started as beginners and you will see from your first free class at EMAR Team that you will always get a warm welcome, a fun class and a good sweat because this is what Combat Sports is all about.

This is a place for everyone no matter your level of fitness, your age or your experience. At EMAR Team you are sure to learn something new with like-minded people, with a view to progress into the more advanced belts as soon as you are comfortable to do so and why not even enter competitions. Our Instructors are more than happy to answer any questions or cater for your needs so should you have any questions or concerns just speak to the Instructor before the class.