Congratulations, by visiting our website you have already made the first step towards your physical and mental transformation.

We run age and level specific classes designed to meet the highest needs for professional fighters, beginners and children. We also offer personalised training sessions and fitness programs just for you.

Corporate training programs specifically tailored to your needs are also available.

We are here to help you get in the best shape of your life while having some serious fun and meeting new friends.

Our chief instructor Simeon Kyurchiev has more than 23 years of experience in full contact combat sports and more than 10 years of teaching experience.

The founder  Simeon spend 6 years training and teaching at London SHOOTFIGHTERS – One of the best MMA gyms in the world) Where he worked with students from no experience at all to top level professional athletes ! 

What people say about us

Great Place for serious workout. Experienced Instructor and welcoming team.

I found this place through a friend and I paid a visit. I couldn’t be happier. Dojo looks very clean and recently renovated. There are proper, clean changing rooms with lockers, reception area with mini bar and Free parking outside if you drive ( or just 5 min from Richmond station walking).

The Head Instructor is very friendly and highly experienced with more than 20 years of Kyokushin experience, being a Representative of the National team of his country and Multiple National and International Kyokushin Karate Champion.

team was really friendly and very welcome. Although it was my first class in Martial Arts, I felt very comfortable and I received clear instructions from the moment I stepped in.

I totally fell in love in the place and the team and I am a regular student now looking forward to my first grading soon.

Whether you are a total beginner or a professional fighter, I highly recommend this place as I know you will be looked after according to your level and needs.

What a better way to get fit and learn some real Martial Arts.

(Active Student with 3 – 6 Months Experience at this school)


Next Generation Fighters!

By far, the hardest and most technical training I have ever experienced. From intense physical conditioning to techniques evolving around Timing, Precision, and Power.

Absolutely amazing place. Friendly to all levels, and can not recommend enough.

Train Smart, and Hard.

(Active Student with 10+ Years Experience at this school)


Not your average dojo!

This dojo has the highest standard of fitness training by far compared to other places I have been. The method of training is very unusual and the coach is very creative in his classes. Great atmosphere and the rest of the team treat everyone like family. Perfect for people of all shapes and sizes to reach their goals alongside a very supportive team. Would highly recommend to everyone come and see for themselves!

(Active Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)


One of best Kyokushin Dojos in London

One of the best Kyokushin Karate dojo(club) & great instructor in London!

Highly recommended

(Active Student with 3 – 6 Months Experience at this school)


Fantastic kyokushin spirit

If you want to learn kyokushin karate

Train your body and your spirit

This is the place to be

(Active Student with 6 Months – 1 Year Experience at this school)


Excellent atmosphere for improvement

I came on jokingly as a trial, but have been captivated by the spirit of the other members and the instructor,

if you are willing to devote yourself, you will find others who are willing to help you improve. Excellent environment.

(Active Student with 3 – 6 Months Experience at this school)


Serious but fun training and learning

Perfect place to learn Kyokushin karate and kickboxing from an experienced karate-ka and talented teacher.

(Active Student with 5 – 10 Years Experience at this school)


Best Dojo for full contact Karate

If you looking for conditioning you mind and body, give me his Dojo a try.

You will not regret it.

(Active Student with 5 – 10 Years Experience at this school)


Best place to challenge yourself.

No matter how old or what level you have in martial arts, here is best place to go ahead.

(Active Student with 1 – 3 Months Experience at this school)


One of the steongest dojo in UK

I am training here and I highly recommend to go here and try yourself. Trainer is a champion.

He knows what is good for beginners and professional fighters. Fully registred dojo. Place is very clean and based on one of the best area in London.

(Active Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

Oleg Ilukowicz

You will not find a a stronger team than this !

There is no question over the fact that this is one of the best martial arts academy’s for full contact serious training that you will find in London.

Many students are actually coaches from other schools who come here to learn from the very best and train with one of the top teams in the U. K.

If you are even thinking about joining a club in this area, i can personally vouch that you will not find better coaching, stronger training or a family unity than there is at EMAR

(Active Student with 3 – 5 Years Experience at this school)

Shabaaz Ali

Excellent training and great team

If you want to make a positive change, challenge yourself physically and mentally, this is no doubt the place to train.

intense exercise, conditioning and fighting skills with satisfying and rewarding results, supportive team and champion coach. do not miss out !!

(Active Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

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