Martial Arts – the best team building activities for any company

Accomplishing goals and targets as a team is more gratifying than doing it yourself. Most businesses know that and yet they still don’t invest in team-building activities to bond the team and increase the spirit in the office. Studies show that great team work makes employees feel empowered and greatly improves the level of the job satisfaction, which ultimately increases job productivity.

Martial Arts promotes self-improvement, which is one of the greatest qualities one’s can have. It helps people realise that the only way to get better in any field of life is by continues hard work and commitment.

Training Martial Arts we will help improve your focus, concentration and problem-solving skills. It teaches you to be strong and to never give up no matter how difficult the task is! A team with that qualities is definitely an invaluable asset for any company.

Elite Martial Arts Richmond offers great deals for your business, regardless of the size and the nature of it. We have highly qualified instructors, that will take care of your employees, making it a great team building experience and a fantastic workout. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Martial Arts as a team building activity is a great fun and a perfect way to relieve stress. Nothing relieves more stress than a good workout. Sweating together as a team builds relationships and promotes communication, which are valuable skills that every employee needs to have.

Last but not least, Martial Arts helps keep employees fit and healthy and we all know that a healthy worker is way more productive. There is no denying that Martial Arts is the ultimate team building activity. Having mentioned above all the positive impact it has on people, which company owner doesn’t want to have employees with all these qualities?

Business Membership

Customer covers the cost for renting the venue.

We have two venues available:

  • Richmond Olympus Gym – ( where normal classes are held ) it can accommodate up to 25 people. / TW9 2SS
  • Richmond College Sports Hall – it can accommodate up to 250 people. / TW2 7SJ

Client can reserve his own venue at a different location, but instructor’s travel expenses must be covered.

Important information

Although safety is a number one priority, if you plan on taking part in any of out classes, you should get sports insurance for the discipline you choose to practise.